History Commons

Since 2001, HistoryCommons.org contributors have published 20,610 events involving a total of 19,985 entities, based on 27,878 timelines. There are currently 33 investigative projects actively maintained by users.

What is the History Commons?

The History Commons is a grassroots investigative journalism and research experiment established in 2002. It is fully supported by donations from people like you and maintained by volunteer citizen journalists, developers, and artists.

What users have to say

I just want to let all of you know what an absolutely amazing website History Commons is. It has been the most informative site I have come across and I tell EVERYONE about it. I can not even begin to imagine the time and effort put into making this site what it is, and it amazes me how much it has grown over the past year (after finding it while doing research for an English paper for college.) Keep up the outstanding work, I can speak for many people when I say it is appreciated and making a difference
Amanda Rae

Moving Forward

We are making some big moves and actively seeking enthusiastic individuals to be a part of our community, hack away at our API and be a part of our investigative journalism platform.